Most people would assume that wearable art forms require sewing at some point. That is not the case with Japanese art forms. The art forms that require sewing would be quilting, cross-stitch, and embroidery. Dressmaking and quilting require sewing but that can be accomplished by hand or with a sewing machine. All of these sewing methods can create some stunning works of wearable art forms. Many quilters create symphonies of light with the wide colour choices at their disposal. The wearable art forms can be dresses, vests, or pants. Some prefer to quilt spreads for the home bedroom that are positively brilliant in design. There are other sewing craftsmen that create a marvellous assortment of jewellery just from the scraps from other projects. Wearable art forms know no limits and any medium is a likely candidate for a beautiful creation.

Shawls are a marvellous form of wearable art and they can be created using knitting skills, overlays and appliqué skills refined by quilting. The length of the shawl would be dependent on the splendour of the dress it was made to compliment. Shawls are meant to accessorize outfits, but with some creativity, they can also be woven so that they can be worn as dresses. That is a true art form in its own right.

Vendor markets for wearable art forms extend from the shopping centre to private boutiques. Independent artisans create smaller sized wearable art forms for sale at bazaars and flea markets and many entrepreneurs use these outlets to grow their home based business from the ground up. The starting costs for such a project would be minimal and would depend on the type of wearable art form chosen.

The art work found on wear art forms is quite impressive because it comes from various mediums. Some wear art craftsmen prefer to use fusible web to fashion the creations from. Others prefer to use hand painted batting that was on hand anyway and the artists was spurred on to use the medium due to an error on a previous project. Some wearable art forms are created using posters and paintings from the past. The fibre etchings can even come from painted vases at home that were simply transferred over to a new medium and given new life.

The simplest opportunity to create wearable art forms would be digitized embroidery. Many sewing machines offer computer technology and programs to create any type of design that would be suitable for any type of fabric. Old clothing can be renewed with a new design on the front and bland clothing that is less pricey can become an heirloom with a little extra work. All of these wearable art form designs can be done, depending on size of the design, in a day or less. There are other tools used to create wearable art forms that are extremely inexpensive. Stamping and stencilling designs on fabric is a very popular choice among home craftsmen. Creating fabric roses is also a good option for accenting older clothes and turning a dress into a formal affair with a few additions.




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